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Meet Your Cruise Director 

Are you desperate to work remotely somewhere OTHER than your home office? Is traveling by ship attractive to you but not sure where to start?

I hear you. 2020 wasn’t easy. And neither was 2021.

But here we are in 2022 and I see a light on the horizon.

After a life changing experience as a student on Semester at Sea, I made it my goal to work my way around the world.

Working as an Assistant Director for Holland America Line and performing in high-energy shows as an Entertainment Host with Disney Cruise Line excited a passion in me for living and working at sea. After spending several years “on land” as a Tour Director managing motor coach tours around Europe, I was longing to get back to sea – and my final role was with the concierge team aboard The World, Luxury Residences at Sea. 

Today I’m on a mission to curate remote experiences for small business owners where they can live and work at sea with only a need for a strong wifi connection. Imagine taking your morning Zoom meetings with a cappuccino overlooking the ocean. Then visit your favorite local restaurant in port to check in on the marketing strategies they've implemented with your coaching. Followed by an afternoon break to experience the thrills of dogsledding in Alaska. It's back to the ship for an early evening cultural presentation about igloos. You unwind with your new friends at a 5-course dinner where your friendly server knows you by name, your beverage choice, and dietary restrictions. You wrap up the night with an electrifying acrobatics show and a competitive game of late-night Bingo. All in one day. Welcome to ship life.

We are welcoming aboard our first hand-selected cohort. Ready to sail with us?

Seas the day,

Arian Shirakhoon 


What happens when the ship is in port? (aka land)

It's all up to you! Every port of call will have organized shore excursions you can pay for through the cruise line. We will also be developing our own for just us! Cruise ships are normally in port for 8-9 hours, arriving early morning and departing early evening. There is so much to see and do which is why we have the luxury of returning multiple times in a month. We also respect your work hours and hope you'll join us for an event so you can experience the culture and majestic scenery of our destinations.

Can I be self-employed or work for a company?

Either will do! You are the captain of your schedule once you are onboard. For those who are employed by a company, we recommend letting them know ahead of time that you may be on a different time zone. And that you might be river rafting in the background when it's time to take a Zoom meeting.  

Where does the ship go?

This will change depending on the itinerary which we will promote a few months in advance. If they are one week cruises, you will have the opportunity to experience the ports multiple times and find your favorite *hot spots* (see what we did there? :) We are looking at various cruise options, lengths, and destinations so you can work remote again with us on another itinerary! 

Why should I come with you when I can pay for a cruise on my own? (asks my crew member friends)

Go for it! Sure, you will have access to the same activities and meals onboard...but you will NOT be surrounded by a group of like-minded professionals who are serious about creating a life that involves traveling the world. You will not have access to our amazing group rates, exclusive speakers, workshops, service projects, and private networking opportunities. You could absolutely sail by yourself. With us, you just might meet your next co-founder and cruise besties for life. 

What is the cost and what would be included?

We are working closely with our cruise line partners and tour operators to negotiate the BEST rates for our cohorts. Meals onboard, streaming wifi, entertainment, fitness equipment, pools, onboard activities, and shared accommodation (extra for a single supplement) will be provided. Our value-adds include networking opportunities, speakers, workshops, service projects, and access to our private Remote-Work-At-Sea community. Prices may fluctuate depending on destination.

Will I get seasick? (the million dollar question)

Personally, I got more seasick on a sailboat! There are acupressure wrist bands, behind-the-ear patches, motion sickness medications, Gingerale, lozenges, fresh air, and plenty of munchies to settle your stomach. Once I had a friend who told me she got seasick in New York while on a test cruise.. and the ship was docked. I'm pretty sure you'll do better than her any day. Sorry for putting you on blast Dara :-) 

How can you ensure that the internet will work?

The internet has come a long way on cruise ships since the 2000's. Our team is literally sailing with cruise lines to test the speed, VPN capabilities, streaming options, and security. How about that for a beta test at sea!

How long is the program?

Initially, we will begin with the length of an Amazon Prime Trial (30 days) and move to the duration of a summer camp (3 months). It will all depend on the itinerary and availability on the ship. We anticipate offering many options so that entrepreneurs who want to sail with us can choose a length that works for them. 



  • You LOVE to travel and enjoy a cruise lifestyle.  

  • You are a social butterfly.

  • You thrive on collaboration and working with others. 

  • You are independent.  

  • You are comfortable living in close quarters. 

  • You are service-oriented and will share your expertise.


  • You get seasick and cannot live in close quarters. 

  • You are an extreme introvert and do not like to travel. 

  • You who will drink all day and fall over a balcony.

  • You are an inflexible and expect to always live in luxury.

  • You are only doing this for followers.

  • You don't have a passion for helping others. 


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